Junckers Sports floors, the floors you can rely on long-term stability and durabilty.

Junckers 22mm thick by 129mm wide Beech Sylvasport premium grade flooring can be intalled on any of these systems

Junckers spring clip system-Unobat 50 System-&Unbat 62 system-Duo Bat 110+
Spring Clip System

CLIPsystem delivers medium shock absorption and resilience, and is perfectly suited for renovation projects that traditionally demand low construction heights, if installed on an existing sports floor.

Installation of a floating floor such as the CLIPsystem couldn't be simpler. An underlay is rolled out over the subfloor before the boards are simply joined together, using Junckers' own clips.

There are two construction heights for a Junckers CLIPsystem sports floor: 27 mm when the CLIPsystem floor is installed over an existing resilient sports floor; and 32 mm over a concrete subfloor and harder sports floors. This is due to the different thicknesses of underlay required for each type of subfloor.

UnoBAT 50 sports floors

UnoBAT 50 is a resilient batten-based sports floor system suitable for multi-purpose sports halls. UnoBAT 50's veneer battens feature a unique arrangement of specially developed rubber strips on the underside. The outer and inner strips differ in density - low density on the outside and high density on the inside - to produce a 2-step absorption effect with a deformation limit, which delivers optimum shock absorption and ball bounce consistently across the entire floor's surface.

UnoBAT 50 sports floors offers the performance attributes necessary for fast moving ball games while keeping the risk of injury at an absolute minimum. Choice of two different batten distances depending on requirements as to sports performance and loading capacity. Heavy loads can now be supported without compromising the performance on the floor.

62+ system

UnoBAT 62+ is a single-layer batten system with a total construction height of 62 mm (plus levelling material), designed for installation on even or uneven subfloors.

UnoBAT 62+ features unique shock absorption. Resilient rubber pads which, in combination with the patented J-Lock connection system, deliver high-performance sports floor characteristics and enhanced durability. Junckers J-Locks incorporate a deformation limit which ensures the rubber pads never lose their elasticity. J-Locks also maintain optimum connection to packing material (which are used to level out uneven subfloors) - and they do this with unrivalled precision and stability.

Choise of two different batten distances depending on requirements as to sports performance and loading capacity.

DuoBAT 110+ system

DuoBAT 110+ is a double-layer batten system with a total construction height of 110 mm (plus levelling material). The system boasts outstanding shock absorption, resilience and ball bounce.

Based on the patented J-Lock concept, DuoBAT 110+ offers excellent flexibility in terms of installation due to its capability of being installed over uneven subfloors with fewer packing areas. J-Locks ensure fast and secure connection between the upper and lower batten layers.

In terms of performance, J-Locks present exceptional sports floor qualities with enhanced and controlled resilience provided by the rubber pads and built-in deformation limit function - ensuring also that the rubber pads never loose their elasticity. These catacteristics are consistent across the entire floor and make DuoBAT 110+ particularly suited to multi-purpose sports halls which play host to fast-moving ball games, aerobics and gymnastics.

Under Floor Heating

Under-floor heating is a cost-effective and generally comfortable heating system, which is becoming increasingly popular. However not all types of flooring possess the qualities necessary to benefit fully from this.

Wood in itself has natural innate warmth, and thanks to the controlled moisture content of our boards, this makes it the preferred choice for under floor heating, as - unlike most tiles and stone - it is warm and comfortable with our without the system being on.

Thanks to the Junckers Clip System, a floating floor can be installed over the majority of modern under floor heating systems, such as electric or piped hot water systems fitted within a screed ed sub floor, which give an even heat distribution. We can even accommodate under floor heating systems contained with battens or joists.

As with almost all natural materials, wood is affected by seasonal changes in climate. Wood expands when humidity is high and contracts slightly in a drier atmosphere when fine natural gaps can appear between the floorboards. However, the Junckers Ship's Decking system, where neoprene strips absorb the movements in the floor avoids this.

Floors for any purpose
No two floors from Junckers are alike!

The range of Junckers 100% solid hardwood floors features a fine selection including ash, merbau, sycamore, oak, jatoba and uniquely, press-dried beech. In short, a range of colours, from light pale to dark brown. Our woods must meet two overall criteria:
1) beautiful colours and grain pattens only possible with real solid floors and
2) long-term stability and durabilty.

Most of our woods are available in two designs:
wood strip floorboards, and wide boards. This makes it possible to create almost any visual expression - and at the samt time get the full benefits of a structural floorboard in terms of unsurpassed functionality.

To produce the wood strip floor-boards, the handsorted staves are assembled using a double dovetail joint. This unique feature, de-monstrating a wealth of knowledge and true craftsmanship, remains the only method in our experience that ensures stability even under high stress and seasonal climatic changes.

All our floorboards are pre-finished in our factory with an oil or polyurethane seal especially developed and made by Junckers, according to specific wood characteristics and to meet the needs of the finished floor. The extra time that we put into the sealing process produces a perfect, durable and uniquely smooth finish unlike UV finishes seen on most other floorboards.

Junckers floorboards are available in several thicknesses with a maximum of 22 millimetres, offering a diversity of sizes to meet any require-ment. All the boards are made in a range of grades to reflect the true nature of real wood.