C.M.T. Flooring has been trading for 17 years, Junckers & Bonakemi approved hardwood floor sanding and hardwood floor repairs specialists, Birmingham& West Midlands

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Junckers sprung sports hardwood floor trained installers We specialize in the hardwood floor repairs and sanding of all wood floors

C.M.T. flooring Ltd will repair and restore your existing hardwood floor to its former glory. Wood floor repairs and sanding using the top of the range machines, keeping mess to a minimum (around 98% dust extraction/pick up) using Bonakemi DCS dust extra units, we can make your wood floors look as good as new, using the highest quality environmentally friendly waterborne lacquers. We are a firm commitment to deliver Quality, Excellence of Service and Customer Satisfaction and have acquired an impressive portfolio of blue chip companies. Over the last eleven years. we are Junckers and Bonakemi approved hardwood floor sanding contractors, please phone or email if you require sample sent to you, just click on sports flooring to see the what type of under carriages are available, the most sutable timbers for sports hall are Junckers 129mm wide by 22mm thick solid Beech hardwood floor repair Oak hardwood floor repair & Maple hardwood floor repair hardwood block repairs

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We do not use sub contract labour, all our team all fully trained flooring specialists

The sanding and sealing of Hardwood floors, Oak, Beech Maple, Cherry Walnut or any softwood floors is not as simple as it looks unless you have experience using the new modern sanding machines it very easy to damage the floor by leaving sanding dig marks and other sanding lines in the floor if you do not know what you are doing.
Sanding and sealing of all wooden floors
The preparation is always the key to every success and with sanding floors. You must make sure that the room is empty before you start sanding and sealing. If this is not possible you can always ask a member of our team to help. The new modern sanding machine bags are fire proof, so it is not possible to catch fire not like the old sanding machines, and have 99% dust extraction
If the wood flooring is in pretty good condition you will be able to get started sanding quite quickly but if any of the flooring is in need of repairs, you will have do this done before you can start any sanding work. If the floor is cupped or warped this will require additional sanding with our new Trio sander as our Hummel sanding machines won't reach the low spots in the board surface properly. If any of the floor boards need to be replaced we keep a good stock of reclaimed timber. The idea of using stain on the new boards to match the colour of the older boards is a good idea if you have plenty of time and don't mind making mistakes. When applying stain it is better to put stain on with one soft cloth and wipe off with a dry cloth to get an even finish it is always better to stain the complete floor to give it a more even colour, before applying any Bonakemi or Junckers floor seal
You can fill any gapes in your floor with Bonakemi Mix n Fill wood filler just mix the mix n fill with your clean saw dust to make a good past and the fill the gapes. When the filler is dry, you will need to re-sand the filler and clean the floor before any Bonakemi or Junckers seal is applied
Sanding and sealing of all wood floors
With the modern sanding machines sanding and sealing of your hardwood or softwood flooring need not be a dusty any dirty operation any more. The best way to making it virtually dust free is to use the Hummel sanding machines with Bonakemi DCS dust extra units. Most hire shops will only supply with old drum sanding machines and cheap sand paper with very poor dust extraction leveling you to clean up all the messes if you can try to hire a professional Belt sanding machine. It is possible for you to hire professional Belt sanding machine and edging machine you have a good chance of door a great job
Another feature of the Hummel sanding machine is the belt pressure adjustment you can change the adjustment to what grade of sand paper you are using at the time, this will help you get a much better finish
Sanding and sealing
Start sanding your floor using a 36 grit paper to remove the dirt that has built up over time on the floorboards. always sand up and down the grain most times will only need to start with a 40 grit paper then 80 grit and 100 grit paper when the floor is clean you can then start with the edging sander and a small orbital sander the more time you spend of the preparation the better the floor finish will be, if you can hire a Trio sand machine to do the final finish before any seal goes on you floor
Sanding and sealing of all wood floors
Now you have finished the sanding of the floor you are ready to apply the Bonakemi or Junckers floor, give the floor a final clean, and you are ready to apply your Bonakemi or Junckers floor seal, not do be tempted to use a cheap floor seal. It will not last and you Know Howe hard you have worked it would be a sham to spoil it at this stage, if you do decide to stain your floor always use a Bonakemi or Junckers primer first this will stop any cracking in your floor, and help the final coats of seal to bond to your floor
Sanding and Sealing of all wood floors
All Bonakemi and Junckers wood floor seal have full instruction on the Bottles it is always best to read them first and give the seal a good shake before you start
A good quality six inch paint brush is good for cutting the edges just take your time and do a good job
You will not be able to apply too much sealer when using a water based seal so you need to pay attention on getting a good coverage without missing any parts of your floor
After you have applied the first coat of seal you may get grain raze in the wood this is normal after the have applied the [primer and the fist coat of seal You will now need to cut the floor back with Bonakemi Scrad system, and then clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner after every sanding
The process is repeated between the second and third coat as well. We use either Bonakemi or Junckers floor Seal we do recommend using a water base seal which does not leave any solvent smells in your home or work place